TYL:n 50v-juhlakonsertti

Like a Rose

17.5.2014 klo 18

Tampereen yliopiston juhlasali


Konsertin jälkeen klo 20 on

Juvenes Juhlakeskus

Ziberiassa kuoron

50-vuotisjuhlagaala, jonne

ovat tervetulleita kaikki

vuosien varrella kuoron

toimintaan osallistuneet

henkilöt. Voit ilmoittautua

gaalaan täällä.




Syksyn koelaulut:

Seuraavat koelaulut järjestetään ke 3.9.2014 ja to 4.9.2014 klo 18 Tampereen yliopiston kampuskappelissa Pinni B:n viidennessä kerroksessa. Tervetuloa mukaan! Lisätietoja täältä.

Tampere University Singers

... is a mixed student choir, the only one (and by far the best) in the University of Tampere. Our repertoire is very flexible, ranging from church music to modern folk songs.

We rehearse at Attila (Yliopistonkatu 38) on Tuesdays, 6pm to 9pm.

You can contact us by e-mail: kuoroon (at) tyl.fi or by phone: +358 50 358 7521.

Joining us

Singing in the shower by yourself is just fine, but why waste your voice?

So if you ...

  • think you can sing
  • think music is also a collective experience
  • are ready to commit yourself to rehearsals

... you just might be what we need.


The next audition for male voices will be on 28th of January at 7.30 pm in Attila, Yliopistokatu 38, 6th floor. You can come to listen our rehearsals at 6pm. Please inform us if you are going to attend to the auditions: mustk (at) tyl.fi

The audition includes some simple tasks measuring your voice and tune and a song of your choice without accompaniment. At the audition you can choose freely what you want to sing, in any language you want. We recommend that you choose something that you are comfortable to sing a capella. Many candidates choose simple traditional songs, because it is near to the classical style of the choir repertoire.The idea is that we can hear what your voice sounds like, and evaluate if your voice type is fit for the choir.
International students are most welcomed, provided that you can attend the rehearsals on Tuesday evenings and are still in Finland when we have our concerts. You do not need to speak Finnish, as there will always be someone among the singers to translate all necessary instructions when needed.

 You can get more information about audition by email (mustk(at)tyl.fi) or by phone (+358 50 358 7521).

We welcome new singers!

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